Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Mini Heart Sammies Bento

Owner Lyñ (My Little Messy N Cheeky) SG ⌚ 3:40 PM
This morning I woke up early at 8am to prepare breakfast and bento for Cheeky as I already promised her last night. I didn't stay up as usual to prepare because Messy doesn't want any bento for today although she need to stay back in school until 5pm. According to her, every Wednesday, there won't be so many students buying food after school so she has got more than enough time before her remedial lesson starts at 1.30pm. I did insist to make a set for her but she is persistent too... Sad smile
I used my new Mini Hearts Sandwich Cutter to make the sammies, stuffed them with diced fish fillets+mayo. A ham blossom and filled up with Cheeky's favourite star fishcakes.
 I decided to try making the ham blossom that I saw in Hapa Bento's blog when Cheeky wanted ham in her bento. Both of us like it so much!
I bet Messy will be jealous of Cheeky's bento again when she sees this after school!LOL

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