Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Domo Kun Bento

Owner Lyñ (My Little Messy N Cheeky) SG ⌚ 8:57 PM
After making Angry Bird & Green Pigs Bento, I wanted to try making more game and cartoon character bentos!It was so much fun, more interesting, challenging and most importantly, the girls showed more enthusiasm for these characters!At least they will request what characters they want and not me who keep asking them anymore. 
I made the Domo Kun because Messy wanted to have rice with the marinated minced pork again. The meat will be brown in color after cooking so it's the best choice for making it!;)
Messy's Domo Kun Bento. Looks like a female Domo!Those spinach leaves & baby carrot flowers are supposed to be just a simple decor but turned out looking like the hair!
Cheeky's Rabbits in Garden Bento.
As for Cheeky, I just arranged her bento the way she wanted it to be : "Rabbits on the grass eating carrots" but no matter how I arranged, just can't get that image, so I rolled those imitation crabsticks to make flowers instead.

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Keeley McGuire on Fri Jun 17, 06:30:00 PM GMT+8 said... Best Blogger Tips

Thanks for stopping by my blog and your nice comments! :)
My daughter loves Domo so she would just get a kick out of this bento. VERY cute and nicely done!

Lyñ (My Little Messy N Cheeky) on Fri Jun 17, 08:57:00 PM GMT+8 said... Best Blogger Tips

Hi Keeley! Tks for your sweet comment and so happy to see you here! :D
So your daughter loves Domo Kun! I only got to know about him when almost everyone out there carries the small lil cute slings and haversacks! I like his big grin! xD


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