Monday, May 16, 2011

More Bento Tools( AGAIN!?)

Owner Lyñ (My Little Messy N Cheeky) SG ⌚ 8:29 PM
Hahaha... More bento tools again!:D I got all these from J-Mama & Baby, ordered in conjunction with another friend. Actually they already arrived quite some time back but because they're with my cousin and both of us didn't meet up for the past few weeks due to busying with the kids' exams preparations etc... So I just leave with her and let her use first. My cousin tried using the Hello Kitty Bread/Rice Mold to make pancakes (it's stated this can be used for bread, rice, mashed potato, pancakes) but so sad it didn't turned out nice, maybe because she's not using non-stick pan. I think my bento posts will be stopping soon as the long school holidays (1 mth) are here in another 2 weeks time from now, but I'll try my best to do some if the girls want or maybe I can just do some bento lunches for them at home!;)
4 Different Designs of Silicone Chocolate Molds 
Sandwich Cutters with 4 Designs in a set.
Left : Hello Kitty and Pooh Bear Bread/Rice Molds
Right : 2 different sets of Cute Food Cutters 
Leaf and Heart Cute Food Picks + 3 Different Sizes of Egg Food Cups that come with Food picks in a set
Are these going to be my LAST orders of bento tools??? I'm already trying my very best to control myself on my impulsive buyings of all these! But I had been wanted to get some cute mini punchers from Carla Craft... LOL

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Cooking Rookie on Tue May 17, 08:46:00 AM GMT+8 said... Best Blogger Tips

This looks so cute, and I love roti, I wish I could have a piece!

KEcker on Tue May 17, 11:32:00 AM GMT+8 said... Best Blogger Tips

Lyn, Your children are so lucky to have a mom like you :o) I wish my mom had made me bentos like these when I was little!


ღᏓуռ էяɨռɨאღ on Tue May 17, 01:52:00 PM GMT+8 said... Best Blogger Tips

Tks Rookie for your kind comment! :D
This is very easy to make coz I'm using frozen roti prata--just cook using low heat w/o oil (the frozen prata itself already has got oil) in a non-stick pan till brown on one side, flip over, push aside, add very little oil in middle of the pan, crack one egg and cover it with the roti prata. Cook till both sides brown and it's done! :D

ღᏓуռ էяɨռɨאღ on Tue May 17, 01:54:00 PM GMT+8 said... Best Blogger Tips

Hi Kay! Tks for visiting again! :D
You flattered me! :D
Me too wished I had bentos when I was young! LOL

Tina (PinayInTexas) on Tue May 17, 10:06:00 PM GMT+8 said... Best Blogger Tips

Wow...that's a lot of tools! Maybe I should start getting some too!

ღᏓуռ էяɨռɨאღ on Tue May 17, 10:51:00 PM GMT+8 said... Best Blogger Tips

Yes Tina, that's really alot and I can say I haven't use most of them yet! :P
Ya maybe you too can consider to make bentos for your girls too! :D
I'm eager to see your beautiful bentos! :)

Nami @ Just One Cookbook on Thu May 19, 03:22:00 PM GMT+8 said... Best Blogger Tips

I have to say you can be more crazier than Japanese wives making bento. LOL. Lots of products from Japan. I'm happy you like it (not that I make them but... just nice to see my country's product there. =P )

ღᏓуռ էяɨռɨאღ on Thu May 19, 10:09:00 PM GMT+8 said... Best Blogger Tips

@Nami--YES!! I just love all cute stuffs and used to be a Hello Kitty big fan! LOL

Bunda zahraa on Tue May 24, 01:48:00 PM GMT+8 said... Best Blogger Tips

awwwwww honeeeey, where did you find them aaaaallll lyn? they're so cute!!

ღᏓуռ էяɨռɨאღ on Wed May 25, 01:50:00 AM GMT+8 said... Best Blogger Tips

Hi Bunda! It's so nice to see you again! :D
I got all of them from J-Mama&Baby.. U can click on the link at the beginning of this post :)


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