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Icollecting cute stuffs no matter are they useful to me or not... Anyway, ONE FINE DAY, I'll sure use them, at least ONCE...   

Here are the post links to all my bento gadgets and boxes collections from the first day I started to make bento for my two girls in Jan 2011. 
  • My New Bento Tools : All these are my 2nd sets of bento gadgets that I ordered from J-Mama & Baby  after I saw my cousin's new Mickey & Minnie Puncher+Mold+Cutter and Alphabet Cutters.
  • More Bento Tools : My 3rd sets of bento gadgets that I just bought recently from Daiso when I brought Messy there to choose her reward for getting full marks for her English spelling.
  • My Bento Boxes : Cute bento boxes that I bought within these few months.
  • Self-Made Flag Picks : I find some of my picks too plain originally and I've been wanting to buy some flag picks which I kept stopping myself to... sooo... I made my own!
  • More Bento Tools( AGAIN!?) : I'm buying more tools AGAIN!I ordered these because I wanted to make my own chocolates using those silicone molds for Messy's 10th Birthday but due to the delayed of stocks arrival, I'd got no choice but to use other molds. Anyway, I already planned to use them for Cheeky's Birthday in November.


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