Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Girl Sammies and Rabbits Sammies Bentos

Owner Lyñ (My Little Messy N Cheeky) SG ⌚ 11:37 PM
Yesterday when Messy came back from school, she told me that one of her classmate, Brinda, tried the Flower Sammies I prepared for her in the morning and said it's very nice but she was too shy to have another. Brinda thought I made the salmon tuna fillings and Messy told her it is those canned tuna spread.  Upon hearing this, I told Messy I could prepare one set for Brinda the next day since I'll be doing for her anyway and she said okay. 
Actually Messy told me to make the same mini sammies because it's fast and easy to eat, just pop it into her mouth but I want to make something different. Haha... 
I just finished with two big round sammies (w/o any feature details yet) with salmon tuna spread + addition corn kernels for more sweetness and crunchness when Messy woke up at 6AM. She told me that she just want to have ONE sammies today. 
"The other is for Brinda, Darling." I told her... (has she forgotten??? ) "No need... her Mommy will be preparing food for her every Wednesdays." Messy said. "But I thought you said okay last night when I told you I can make a set for her too?" She smiled apologetically and replied "Hee... I wasn't really listening to you because I was watching the show. Never mind, give this to 妹妹 then." Haiz... what can I say besides "okay..."
Frankly, I'm a little disappointed... :( but that's okay, at least I know that her friends like the bentos I made and there are always chances to make for them!:D   
Messy's Girl Sammies Bento with 2 Bear-shaped Fishcakes and 2 skewers of Edamame.  
Cheeky's Rabbits Sammies Bento with 2 Bear-shaped Fishcakes and Salad. The salad consists of Edamame, corn kernels and imitation crabsticks mixed with mayo.
Like what I'd mentioned in my post yesterday, Cheeky don't really like salmon tuna spread, she asked for the same butter + kaya spread again.

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PinayinTexas on Fri Apr 29, 11:53:00 PM GMT+8 said... Best Blogger Tips

Sooo cute! You're so good at it!

Lyñ (My Little Messy N Cheeky) on Sat Apr 30, 02:09:00 AM GMT+8 said... Best Blogger Tips

Tks Tina! You always leave nice & sweet comments in my blog. :D
Have a nice wkends! ^.^

Jacss on Sat May 07, 03:17:00 PM GMT+8 said... Best Blogger Tips

hi tks for yr comment in my blog recently!!
wow...u made awesome bento, salute :D
i used to hv the same passion but i've temporary retired as my 9 years old boys didn't appreciate it anymore! i'll probably pick it up again when my small baby goes to school in d future :D
keep up the good work!!!

Lyñ (My Little Messy N Cheeky) on Sat May 07, 08:38:00 PM GMT+8 said... Best Blogger Tips

Tks Jacss! I still have got lots to learn from other bento mamas here!
Hope to see your bentos again soon! :D


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