Thursday, April 28, 2011

Cheesy Farm Animals Pasta Bento

Owner Lyñ (My Little Messy N Cheeky) SG ⌚ 8:58 PM
The girls are having sammies for their bentos for the past two days so today I decided to cook Mac 'N' Cheese for a change. I didn't use macaroni here because I just bought 2 boxes of cute colorful animals shaped pastas and can't wait to use them!:D This is the 2nd time I cooked Mac 'N' Cheese after my cousin gave me the recipe. Messy requested to have it again but NOT TOO CHEESY PLSSS... The 1st time I added ALL the cheeses because they have very short life-spans and I don't know when I'll be cooking this again as the responses are not very good due to TOO CHEESY... heehee 
So today, I cut down all the cheeses by half, add slightly more water and fresh milk (so it won't be too dry few hrs later when Messy eat for her recess break in school) hoping it taste just nice.  
I add a few of her favourite Sandwiched Tofu in flower shapes with Decor Blue Pearl Glimmer Gragees in the middle and fried spaghetti as the stalks but no leaves... Haha    
Messy's Cheesy Farm Animals Pasta Bento
Organic Farm Animals Vegetable Pasta
There's no bento for Cheeky because she prefer tomato sauce pastas. Anyway it don't really matter as more than enough foods are provided in her school. ;)
For me, I still prefer MORE CHEESE for this pasta (I'm a cheese lover) and find today's Mac 'N' Cheese too bland for me. When Messy came back from school, I noticed she didn't finished up her pasta, only those flowers are gone and asked her why? She told me it's too bland for her too! Maybe her taste buds haven't return yet after recovered from fever. Hopefully she'll be better in a few days' time...   

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