Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Edamame Rice Bentos

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I burned the mid-night oil again on Monday night, 28th March as I had mentioned before in my previous post. So whenever I need to stay up, I'll start 'stalking' my favourite bento blogs and search for ideas, designs to make in the morning. Actually I already had in mind that I'm gonna use one of the packets of colored vegetable seasonings (Dekofuri 3 colors) for sushi rice and make onigiri bento but had no idea what I'm going to make. After 'stalking' for awhile, I came across "How to Make Edamame Rice" on Bentolicious blog and changed my mind. Natural food colorings are alot better than artificial ones. :D 
Messy's Edamame rice Bento. She requested some apple wedges because it is part of their school rules for every students to bring fruits and only plain water on every last week of the month for their Green Day to promote healthy eating habits due to a high raise of obesity in young children nowadays. The green colored rice is the leaves of the Sweetcorn and the scrambled eggs (Tamagoyaki recipe) on top of the plain rice are the corn kernels.
Cheeky's Edamame Rice Bento. I molded these two bear Onigiris with cling wrapper. I stuffed some scrambled eggs inside the bigger bear so that it won't taste so plain and used spaghetti to stick two quail eggs for the ears.
Both of them LOVE the taste of the Edamame Rice!Messy finished up everything except the cherry tomato. She don't like because they are not sweet (I can't seems to find those sweet & juicy ones anymore) and knows that I only use to decorate... Hee...
Cheeky ate the remaining 1/3 small bowl of the Edamame Rice for her breakfast in the morning but came back home with her bento ALMOST untouched (apple and quail eggs gone) because one of her classmate celebrated her Birthday in school today and they have got cake to eat that she said she 'forgotten' about her bento. Anyway she did finished the green bear in the car after we had dinner out with my parents. Too bad the other big bear had turned bad due to prolong hours in the lunchbox. :(

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