Saturday, March 26, 2011

Kiddy Mushroom Meat Bento

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The week passed so fast and it is Saturday again. Last week, Messy was still having her one week school holidaysCheeky will sulk and complain that she doesn't has any school holidays, it is so unfair!But this time she was on school holidays too because there were too many Hand, Foot & Mouth Disease (HFMD) cases in her ChildCare Center. The Center need to undergo 3 days of full sanitization, supposed to go back on Friday but as more and more new cases came up during that 3 days, we're advised to keep them away until next Monday. Luckily Cheeky did not contract HFMD as I've suspected her to have it dued to her previous sore throat and one ulcer in her mouth. She ate too much fried chicken drumsticks, 2 days in a row! *Phew* 


This bento is for Messy on 22nd Mar, Tuesday when she had Chinese Language (CL) Learning Activity which is combine with all classes in the whole school and it's compulsory. As usual, I'll ask them what they'd like to have for their bentos and Messy wanted her favourite Bunashimeji mushrooms, Japanese cucumber and baby carrots with the minced pork that I cooked in the Bibimbap. The only difference is that I fried all the ingredients together with the marinated minced pork with slightly more sauce here. I also added 3 pieces of Tofu Fishcake with minced pork and minced Chinese mushroom fillings, her favourite and mine too!:D
Kiddy Mushroom Meat Bento

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