Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sunflower Egg Raisin Bun Bento

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This was made on 24th Mar, Thursday when Messy had Math Remedial in school. Her Math is very weak since the first year she attended former school. I had tried teaching her on my own but in vain because no matter how much I tried explaining to her, she don't seems to understand and nowadays' Math is so complicated!Both of us were so much under stress during that period of time. :( In the end, I gave up and decided to get her a tutor which is the only best way out for both of us and YES!She really did showed so much improvements in her Final Year End Exams and all her results improved by 50%!Great!What a relief for the 2 of us. :D
But as her level goes higher, the difficulties go higher too. She doesn't has a very good foundation in Math (she hate this subject the most), LAZY to solve the sums, so ended up with Math Remedial every year.

I decided to make this Sunflower Egg Raisin Bun Bento because I just bought the raisin buns and Messy wanted bread for that day as she already had rice the other day, so I went online to search under my few favourite blogs for some ideas and saw this interesting, fun looking sunflower from Cute Food For Kids? I did a few pots of mushroom from chiwaku, 2 small chicken sausages of flowers and covered those empty spaces with frozen mixed veg.

Actually this was my 2nd Sunflower Egg cooked on that morning. The 1st one failed as some of the "petals" couldn't stick and fell off. Maybe I didn't put in the cheese sausages earlier before the egg white starts to cook.
Sunflower Egg Raisin Bun Bento

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