Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Happy Father's Day!

Owner Lyñ (My Little Messy N Cheeky) SG ⌚ 8:14 PM
Happy Father's Day to all loving Dads in the world!Hope that all of you had a wonderful, enjoyable Father's Day with your love ones!
What is the role and image of a father in your eyes? Maybe we could take this chance to have a small little discussion? ;) Well, for me, the role and image of a father is a man who brings the bread home. A man who plays with his children when he got back home after work if he's not tired or the children were still awake. He may looks fierce and unapproachable but he seldom scolds or beats them. He loves teasing and playing with his kids, loves asking them to massage for him, after which he'd rewards them with money but if you ever make him angry, he flew into a rage and just grabbed anything within his reach to whack you up!:eek: This is my father (we call him papa) when we were young and now that we've all grown up of course he don't whack us anymore but he has become more and more naggy!So naggy that even my Mom also can't stand him!LOL 
I'm not very closed to my papa when young. I don't talked to him, only called him whenever I see him and during meals. I'm closer to my Mom, in fact, I'm very attached to her even until now just like how attached Cheeky is to me(just like a superglue, can't be outta her sight)!But Mom says I'm a lot better, Cheeky is the worst 'superglue' she'd ever seen!
Now I'm closer to my papa than before, from the day I had Messy and is so much closer. We'll talk whenever we see each other and we can talk about anything, almost everything! He even helped me to babysit Messy when she was young at about 18 mths when I had to go for my course. I took up manicure and pedicure full course that time and needed to attend class full day twice per week. After I completed my course, I found a job as a manicurist and enrolled Messy to a ChildCare centre nearby my parents' house. During that 2 years, my papa helped me to fetch Messy after school when it was time to fetch my Mom after work, brought her back to their house, had dinner (cooked by my papa, he can cook very well!:D) and waited for me to knock off. My papa did not work because of his legs. He can't sit, walk or stand for too long as it causes so much unbearable pain in his kneecaps and ankles. :(
My papa dotes Messy a lot more than Cheeky as their bonding is stronger because I took care of Cheeky all by myself from the day she is born. (a very cranky and difficult to handle baby that EVERYONE has phobia babysitting her including myself!:(() He spoilt Messy too much causing her to have the concept of "Never mind, I've GǒngGóng公公 (grandfather in Hokkien, our dialect) as my backing or it's okay if you don't buy for me,  GǒngGóng will buy for sure." which I hate it! No matter what, I'm still very grateful to my papa for everything, although we're not used to saying out "I  U" but we know it deeply in our heart. 
We had an advanced simple small celebration for Father's Day on 18th June, Saturday with home-cooked meal, all my papa's favourites, a Mango Fruits Cake that my sister bought and Black Pepper Prawns that my brother ordered from his friend who can cook very well. :D
These prawns are caught by Hubby and Messy 
I arranged a heart shape specially for my papa
Our 1st Family Photo
Papa and 3 grand-daughters
Father's Day Card and Present to Daddy from Messy
She said this Treasure Box is the most suitable present

Father's Day card and Present to Daddy from Cheeky
She made the card in school
My Twin Brother and his Precious, Cheryl
We seldom have this kinda celebration for Father's Day, furthermore it's with ALL the family members around this year and I know that my papa is extremely happy on that day!Hope that we can have more of this kinda fun gathering in future!:D

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PinayinTexas on Tue Jun 21, 11:33:00 PM GMT+8 said... Best Blogger Tips

Very nice post, Lyn! I'm so glad to see how much your family enjoyed this year's Father's Day! With the whole family around and all the great food, I'm sure your dad as well as your husband and brother felt so happy.
My father is so soft spoken...but can be really scary when he gets mad. All my life, we have a very close relationship that's why I'm terribly missing him now that I'm so far away from him. I envy people like you who gets to spend time with their parents even though they already have their own family. :(

ann low on Tue Jun 21, 11:54:00 PM GMT+8 said... Best Blogger Tips

Sweet post Lyn! Is good to have the whole family together and enjoy the meal together :)

Manuela on Wed Jun 22, 11:39:00 AM GMT+8 said... Best Blogger Tips

Ohhh such a lovely post and great family pictures Lyn!!!
I have always been very close to my dad... and I have to quote Tina on this one... I am a bit envious of people who get to spend time with their parents even after having their own family. My parents live so far away that I get to see them only 3 weeks a year and for an only child like me, that is HARD!!!! <3
Have a great day!

Teddy Bento on Wed Jun 22, 08:19:00 PM GMT+8 said... Best Blogger Tips


Lyñ (My Little Messy N Cheeky) on Wed Jun 22, 10:57:00 PM GMT+8 said... Best Blogger Tips

Tks Tina! Yea, all of us esp. all the men in the family really enjoyed and very happy! Glad that we decided to celebrate at home! :D
Can I say majority of the fathers are the same? Coz my hubby is like that too! My girls are not scared of him (unless they make him mad), always play so roughly with him which they don't dare to do that to me, I'm more of the disciplinarian at home but they're still more attached to me :)
Yeah Tina, I can feel and understand how much you miss your Tatay. Hopefully you're able to celebrate Father's Day with him next year. :)

Lyñ (My Little Messy N Cheeky) on Wed Jun 22, 11:23:00 PM GMT+8 said... Best Blogger Tips

Tks so much Ann! :D
Ever since I started my own family then I realized the importance of family gatherings and understand how my parents would feel w/o us around most of the time even when we're living so nearby or under the same roof. This is why I'll always try to arrange as much gatherings as possible :)

Lyñ (My Little Messy N Cheeky) on Wed Jun 22, 11:31:00 PM GMT+8 said... Best Blogger Tips

Tks Manu! :D
Just like what I told Tina above, I can feel and understand both your sadness and envious esp. that you're the only child. Hope that you too are able to spend next year's Father's Day with your dad! ^.^
P.S. Lucky I made the right choice to live as nearby as possible to my parents :)
Have a great day too! ^.^

Lyñ (My Little Messy N Cheeky) on Wed Jun 22, 11:33:00 PM GMT+8 said... Best Blogger Tips

Tks Teddy Bento! :D
Yes! You're so right about this! :D
Hope you too had a wonderful Father's day celebration! :)

Kath (My Funny Little Life) on Thu Jun 23, 05:23:00 AM GMT+8 said... Best Blogger Tips

Aww, I loved this! You have such a special way to write about your family - with so much love, and so much humor that allows you to say even the things that aren't so easy and still tell how much you love and appreciate your family. :D

The pictures are wonderful, I enjoyed them a lot! Who're the others? And who're you? ;)

Cooking Gallery on Thu Jun 23, 05:42:00 AM GMT+8 said... Best Blogger Tips

What a beautiful post, Lyn...!! And you all seemed to have a feast...:D)!! Everyone looks very happy too, it's so nice to see :).

Lyñ (My Little Messy N Cheeky) on Thu Jun 23, 04:28:00 PM GMT+8 said... Best Blogger Tips

Tks Kath! Tks for your sweet compliments! :D
Okay, who is who? I shall go from the left of the photo: my dearest mom in brown top, my younger sister in white printed top, I'M right behind my papa with the 'V' sign in grey top! :D
My twin brother in green shirt and my Hubby in black shirt just in front of my brother. :)
Messy in black is beside my mom and Cheeky in yellow beside Hubby. The lil girl in strips is my niece, Cheryl. ^.^

Lyñ (My Little Messy N Cheeky) on Thu Jun 23, 04:34:00 PM GMT+8 said... Best Blogger Tips

Tks CG! Yes! You're right! We'd a wonderful feast mostly cooked by my mom with some helps from me and my helper. We also had great fun while cooking too! (as always) LOL :)
I'm planning to post those recipes after I've gather all the necessary infos from my mom-hers are all estimations measurements for the seasonings, so I'm trying to get more accurate ones so that it'll be easier for those who wants to try out. :)

tata | bonitafood on Thu Jun 23, 05:55:00 PM GMT+8 said... Best Blogger Tips

Really love this post and I love to read everything dealing with papa :D. I'm closer to my Dad than to my Mom, even for talking about boyfriend I feel more comfortable to talk it with him hehehe. Those are yummy treat for the celebration, I especially love the heart prawn ^^.

Lyñ (My Little Messy N Cheeky) on Thu Jun 23, 10:30:00 PM GMT+8 said... Best Blogger Tips

Hi Tata! Tks for loving this post! :D
I realized most of you here are closer to your Dads! As for me I'm closer to my Mom coz from young she's the main care taker to me, my Bro's was my late grandma who was more bias and my papa dotes my sister most as she's the youngest, so every time me and my Mom would say "That's good, fair enough, each of us has got one adult doting and loves us, no need to argue or fight, good!" LOL
My papa is those more traditional, conservative and naggy type and I used to be very shy and quiet so I wont talk about BGR with him, not even my Mom! It's only after I'm married and my Mom had become more open-minded then we'll talk about everything. My papa too although not everything like my Mom but at least we talk so much more now. ^.^
Frankly, I love the heart shaped prawns too! Although my papa didn't finished but at least he did ate one when he asked whose is that for, I told him that's for him! I'm happy already and I knew he was too! ^.^

Kath (My Funny Little Life) on Fri Jun 24, 07:29:00 AM GMT+8 said... Best Blogger Tips

Aww, thank you for explaining! You look so very cute! :D

Lyñ (My Little Messy N Cheeky) on Fri Jun 24, 02:01:00 PM GMT+8 said... Best Blogger Tips

Hi Kath! You're always welcome dear :)
Errr... I think I'm more to acting cute than looking cute! LOL :P Tks Kath! ^.^

Nami | Just One Cookbook on Sun Jun 26, 12:53:00 PM GMT+8 said... Best Blogger Tips

What a sweet family! I think we can tell from how you are, though. All of your family seem so happy and caring! Very sweet post, Lyn! And delicious food to drool. I love the heart shape prawns!!! ;-)

Lyñ (My Little Messy N Cheeky) on Sun Jun 26, 04:49:00 PM GMT+8 said... Best Blogger Tips

Tks Nami! You always have so nice, lovely comments for me :D
Yeah, we were really happy that day esp. my papa! Just look at how happily he smiled in the pics here! He SELDOM smile when taking pics (except with Messy, his precious, his life we always say. LOL) My family's way of caring for one another are not like those shown out so obviously but all keep deeply in our heart ^.^
I'm trying to gathering more accurate measurements for those recipes at the moment (my mom always tell me she can't tell me exactly how much as all hers are by estimations) and will share with all of you very soon! Enjoy your weekend! ^.^

Biren on Thu Jun 30, 01:50:00 AM GMT+8 said... Best Blogger Tips

Very sweet post, Lyn! I think many Chinese parents are conservative and appear to be unapproachable when they are actually not. As we grow older and have our own kids, we begin to appreciate them more and see their softer side :)

Lyñ (My Little Messy N Cheeky) on Thu Jun 30, 03:53:00 PM GMT+8 said... Best Blogger Tips

Hi Biren! Tks a bundle for your lovely compliment! :D
I totally agreed with you. That's why I always tell to my younger sister and friends who are still singles: "You'll only understand when you become a parent yourself." :)


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