Monday, January 23, 2012

恭喜发财!Happy Chinese New Year!

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Happy Chinese New Year!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Sweet Memories + Our New Nest

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Finally we'd moved in to our new house last Friday! With all those cleaning up, unpacking, clearing and organizing (done right after the renovation in early October) our stuffs that had been kept in the rented storage house for more than half a year, there were so much, so many works involved and I just HATE (and have phobia) moving house! This is already the fourth time I moved since young but to be actual, should be the third as the first couldn't be counted because we were too young then, at the age of 5, we don't have to be bothered about all those packing and unpacking, we just needed to move ourselves from the Kampung to high-rise flat Here are some priceless old photos I'd love to share with all of you. These are from my mom's precious albums we got back from the storage house. Enjoy some laughing moments before I move on. Hahaha! 

B/W Photo: Mom's Family Photo-My mom is the last girl at the back row.
Colored Photo: Papa's Family Photo on my parents' wedding day. (My paternal grandpa had long passed away when my Papa was only 2-5 yrs old)
This playground at my maternal grandma's house was my most favorite when young.
I'd always (the only one) asked my mom to send me over to stay during every school holidays.
Really missed those days...  
My parents when they were young. Single to married
This knitted hat is older than me!
Left Photo: Me and my twin brother (just one minute apart) 
Right Photo: Mom would always try to bring the three of us out to the Zoo, Bird Park etc whenever she'd the time.
Our first birthday
My mom always tells me that I'm the smallest size of all and also the ugliest with 'no hair' and small eyes. Hahaha!
(Both my twin bro and younger sister were chubbier and cuter)
Me and my younger sister (2 yrs apart)
African mama with her kids! Hahaha!
With our cousins from my Papa's family
My sister's birthday party when we moved to a HDB flat
We lived together with my parents for almost a year (time flies!) when we sold our flat of about 9 years last October 2010. I was having very bad mixed feelings few weeks ago. Somehow I just couldn't bare to leave my parents and the thought of their house becoming so quiet and lifeless w/o us, especially my two girls, makes me so sad and reluctant to move away! So was Messy too, surprisingly! 
Lucky we aren't too far from my parents, just less than 5mins drive or 20mins walk away. So we're still able to see one another everyday. ;)
I reckon the saddest person of all is my Papa. He even had an agreement with Messy (she's the apple of his eyes) w/o my knowing until one week later when we dined out together! The agreement was having Messy to stay over on every Friday and Saturday nights, coming back home on Saturday and Sunday mornings after breakfast for her weekly home-tution, then going over AGAIN on Saturday nights! So you can imagine how much my Papa loves her (more than me[Yes, you're right! I'm feeling a little jealous here! LOL :P]) that he'll go through all these troubles of fetching and sending her like this every week very willingly! 
Few days after we moved, my parents visited and I was so happy although they just stayed for less than an hour. They bought lotsa Yakult drinks and some candies specially for the girls knowing that I won't be allowing them to have so often times.  
The girls enjoying themselves happily before moving in.
Shoe Cabinet
Hubby bought all these figurines to fill-up those empty spaces
Fu Lu Shou (福禄寿) and Chan Chu (蟾蜍)
Living + Dinning Room
Don't you think that our dinning table and chairs look like those in offices!?!? Since it look like one, I'll just use it like one. It's perfectly for my laptop with a perfect view! 
I love the two Hong Kong comic characters figurines, Old Master Q and Big Potato.
Hubby bought those cool giant beer bottles, $1 each, at the 7-11 convenience store just right below our block. YES, REALLY CONVENIENT but we only buy things there outta no choice as they cost so much higher than other stores and hyper-marts which are just across the road.
Glass sliding door, led lights along both sides of the cabinets and also an oven that hubby promised! I love our new neon-orange clock too! 
Kitchen Toilet
Glass door I requested to have! 
Master Room
Master Room Toilet (Different set of tiles)
The girls preferred this because it's much spacious and also they don't like those tiles in the other toilet. 
Messy's Bedroom
All by herself FINALLY!
Messy's cutie cool bear table-mirror with comb we bought before moving in.
Cheeky's Bedroom (Sharing with Cathy)
We bought that study table from Ikea at the very last minute after realizing that the one in Messy's room will not be big enough for two of them.
Cheeky's cutie sweet piggy table-mirror with comb
Our first simple dinner at new nest
I just dumped whatever I could find in my freezer cooked in Campbell's Mushroom Garlic Soup, seasoned with a dash of black pepper + a little oregano and VOILA! The girls love it especially Messy! She'd two BIG helpings! ;)
Just love having fun photos with my girls!
The girls playing the blind mice on the 3rd day and were laughing so hard and loud that I'd to keep telling them to lower down their volumes as I'm afraid they might disturbed our next door neighbours.
I thought my hubby will tell me to give/throw this tea set away knowing  he's not into this kinda stuffs. SO SURPRISINGLY, he wanted to keep and even told me it'll be for our girls when they grow up and get marry one day! 
BEST PART--Me: "What!? Am I hearing things?? But there're only 3 cups here."
Hubby: "Doesn't matter. We need just 2 cups for the tea ceremony."
GOSH!!! He really think real far! Hahaha! 
Hope you enjoy this post and have a wonderful week ahead!


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